Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Barbosa's Battle
Kentucky Derby winner Barbosa is fighting for his life after fracturing his leg at the Preakness Stakes. The incident has left millions of Americans wondering why we can't shoot President Bush the next time he falls off his bike.

Bush on Gore's Film
President Bush says he doubts he'll see Al Gore's new movie about global warming. That's because seeing the film takes time away from building his weatherproof underground bunker.

Rough Weather Ahead
Weather experts predict there will be 16 named hurricanes this season. That exciting announcement was the centerpiece at the annual "upfront" advertising presentations for the cable news channels.

Top 5 Names for Hurricanes this Coming Year

5) "Anderson"

4) "Greta"

3) "Geraldo"

2) "Olberman"

1) "Brownie"

Veterans' Data
The personal electronic data on up to 26.5 million military veterans has been stolen. Experts don't expect anything to be done about it since no one serving in the Bush administration has anything to worry about.

Da Vinci Code Numbers
Despite being condemned by the Church, "The Da Vinci Code" raked in an impressive $77 million at the box office this weekend. Most Americans say they saw the movie to avoid going to church.

Cold Cash
Democratic Congressman William Jefferson is under investigation after FBI agents found $90,000 in cash in his refrigerator. But Jefferson has won several Republican supporters after he explained he was keeping his money there to avoid paying taxes.


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