Monday, April 10, 2006

Top 5 Things Overheard at the Pro-Immigrant Rallies

5) "We want our dignity... so please cancel the 'George Lopez Show!"

4) "My kids have the right to go to American public schools... and then walk out of class for protests."

3) "We love Mexico... which is why we risked our lives to get out of Mexico!"

2) "We are not criminals! But we will go to prison for less than American criminals."

1) "I'm making $2-an-hour... and loving it!"

Iran Attack?
The White House on Monday tried to play down reports that they were considering using nuclear weapons in Iran. President Bush is reminding everyone that he still needs to get Saudi Arabia’s permission.

Iran Attack 2
White House spokesman Scott McClellan says those who are seeking to draw broad conclusions about an attack on Iran are “misinformed and not knowledgeable about the administration's thinking”… okay, that explains President Bush, but what about the rest of us.

Skilling on the Stand
Enron defendant Jeffrey Skilling took the witness stand today admitting he’s going to need to get the jury to like him… he’s going to be on the stand for a long time.

Immigration Marches
Hundreds of thousands of people marched in several cities Monday in support of rights for undocumented workers. Because if there’s one thing that makes Americans want to support your cause, it’s tying up traffic and making it impossible to get around town.

Star on the Pulpit
While speaking to a church congregation in New Jersey on Sunday, Star Jones said, "Wealth and success mean little if you have not developed a relationship with God.”… “but two out three ain’t bad!”

Religious TV
A&E is launching a new reality series this week called "God or the Girl," in which young men decide whether or not to become Catholic priests. Spike TV is countering with an even more realistic series about would-be Catholic priests called “God or the Boy.”

Muslim Sorority
A group of students at MIT have formed Gamma Gamma Chi, the first Muslim-sorority. During Hell Week, all the pledges have to get their boyfriends to blow themselves up.


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