Friday, February 24, 2006

Cohen Comes in 2nd
American figure skater Sasha Cohen won the silver medal Thursday night after falling twice and finishing behind Japan's Shizuka Arakawa. Not only has Cohen lost again, but now she knows what it's like to work at GM.

Port Delay
The White House is now pushing for a brief delay in the planned deal to sell control of several U.S. ports to the United Arab Emirates. It's a brilliant move, after a few more months, the heat will be off while the news media focuses on bigger stories like Brad and Angelina's baby.

Post-Katrina Strategy
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration now wants the Pentagon to play a bigger role in domestic disaster preparedness. That's because they're doing such a great job of disaster management in Iraq.

Frey Booted
Author James Frey, who admitted he made up parts of his best-selling memoir has been dropped by his publisher. But he does have a new job as President Bush's chief speechwriter.

Iraq Violence
Sunnis and Shiites continue to kill each other in Iraq. Faced with religious factionalism, the Bush administration is trying to bring both sides together in a common cause against gay marriage and evolution classes.

Iraq Violence II
Shiite leaders are now urging restraint as Iraq moves closer to civil war. The sheiks are calling on their followers to do something more productive, like set fire to Danish flags.


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