Thursday, January 26, 2006

Frey Comes Clean
Millions of Americans are outraged now that it's clear author James Frey lied to them about parts of his book. They would have been a lot more forgiving if Frey had misled them about something less important, like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Oprah Admission II
After re-interviewing now disgraced author James Frey on her show Thursday, Oprah Winfrey apologized for misleading her viewers about his book. Then Oprah shocked her viewers yet again when she finally admitted that she is not Jesus.

Top 5 Signs You're Reading a Phony Autobiography

5) Before you buy it, you have to sign a legal document promising not to sue the publisher

4) Author writes a lot about growing up with his pet dinosaur

3) At book signings, the author always wears a mask

2) Chapter one deals with the author's long trip to Earth from the planet Krypton

1) It's written by someone in the Bush administration

GM Losses
General Motors has announced it lost a stunning $4.8 billion in the fourth quarter of 2005. GM attributes the losses to gas prices, sagging SUV sales, and its ill-fated decision to invade Iraq.

Hamas Roadblock
Israeli leaders say they won't be able to negotiate with Hamas, because you can't reason with people bent on your destruction. I guess none of these Israeli politicians has ever dealt with a divorce lawyer.

Hamas and Bush
Hamas' victory is also seen as a blow to the Bush administration... which enjoys so much strong support among all other Arab groups.

Penn Cause of Death
Two days after finding Chris Penn dead in his apartment, police are still not sure of the cause of death. However, since he was Sean Penn's brother, it's most likely he died of embarrassment.


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