Monday, January 03, 2005

Powell Arrives
Outgoing Secretary of State Colin Powell has arrived in Asia to oversee the disaster relief effort. Powell is the best guy to deal with the tsunami victims because he's washed-up too.

Bush and Clinton
President Bush has appointed his father and former President Clinton to lead fundraising efforts for the tsunami victims. Bush will help boost donations from the corporate sector, and Clinton will help boost donations from guys who dig Asian chicks.

Sweden's Toll
As many as 8,000 Swedish tourists and citizens living abroad have been killed in the tsunami disaster. It's the greatest natural calamity to hit Sweden since ABBA broke up.

Ticket Price Cut
The good news is that travelers will soon be getting cheaper airline ticket prices to many destinations. The bad news is you'll still have to pay extra if you want your luggage to end up in any of those destinations.


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