Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Terror Alert
The Department of Homeland Security warns that terrorists may try to attack the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this summer. But Al Qaeda is denying that claim, reminding everyone that it only attacks targets Americans actually care about.

No Subway Pics
In hopes of thwarting terrorist attack planning, New York City is banning people from taking pictures or videos on the subway. But experts say once they see the condition of most subway stations, the terrorists will likely move on to a target where they can still do some noticeable damage.

Love Plea
Courtney Love pleaded guilty to drug charges yesterday and agreed to a rehab program that will include counseling, random drug testing, and an appearance on "Extreme Makeover."

NY Times Admission
The New York Times is now admitting that many of its stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were based on interviews with questionable subjects. The paper's editors say they should have been more careful with the informants, "especially since one or two of them looked a lot like Jayson Blair."


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