Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Shrek 2 Box Office
"Shrek 2" took in more than $125 million over the weekend. There won't be that many people watching an ogre and jackass until the Kerry-Bush debates.

Handover Plan
Despite his speech last night on Iraq, skepticism is growing about President Bush's plan to hand over power by June 30th. But the way the latest polls are going, experts say the Bush Administration will indeed hand over power... on January 20th.

Prison Demolition
During the speech last night, President Bush promised to have Abu Ghraib prison demolished. By doing so, the administration is hoping to destroy a symbol of abuse, show the Iraqis the U.S. can bring positive change, and give Halliburton another sweet demolition contract.

War Plans
President Bush continues to face heavy criticism for his handling of the situation in Iraq. But John Kerry insists he has a solid plan to end the fighting... in Vietnam.

IVF Baby
Doctors say they've broken a record by successfully impregnating a woman with sperm that was originally frozen in 1981. The pregnancy was a complete success, other than the fact that the baby only wants to hear music by Journey and REO Speedwagon.


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